Roof Durability

Often homeowners before roofing their homes ask themselves ‘How long can I expect the different types of roof to last in my home?’When It comes to roofing materials, people from all over the world have a lot of choices and options at their disposal. That is because the manufacturers and producers create different types of roofs that can suit any need that a customer has. For example, roofs are created to resist different weather conditions, wind and extreme temperatures but some of them are designed to be more centered on being visually appealing. If you are currently unsure about what types of roofing you need to purchase for your home, then read this article and find out some more information. Well, if you want to buy something durable then one of these types of roofs might be suitable for you:

Metal roofing.

This type of roofing has at least 30 years of warranty, but professional companies can offer you even more. Metal is a very resistant material of construction, and it can be an excellent roofing material. There are plenty of companies that offer lots of models and designs that feature metal roofing. Also, you can improve the aesthetics of the house as well because metal is always elegant and gorgeous looking.

Make sure that you discuss with the roofing contractor, and you ask for any details that you might want to know when it comes to this type of roofing. In some cases, professional roofing companies can also offer a lifetime warranty, and this is excellent for you. Basically, you install metal roofing now, and you don’t have any worries for the rest of your life!

Roofing Tiles

Tiles are typically known for their attractive and decorative use. Its versatility to suit on whatever design of the house is remarkable.

Houses built during the 50′ were made of tiles, proving that this kind of roof has a longer life span, lasting up to 50 years.

However, since roofing tiles are often made of clay or other concrete materials, they are quite heavy. Thus, you need to add support to your house structure to hold it.

Installation is also not that easy with tiles. Since it is prone to leaks, you need to get the help of a qualified roofs expert or a roofing company to make the proper installation, maintenance, and even roof repairs.


If you want outstanding durability and superlative resistance then this type of roofing is suitable for your house. Slate roofing may last around 100 years, and it requires little to no maintenance as well. If you want the only durability without compromises, then slate roofing is the answer to your needs. Plenty of companies sell this type of roof and also, you can have different options regarding the model and design of the tiles as well.

Another useful feature of this type of roofing is that it is completely fireproofed. Therefore, in case of accidents, you are protected, and no harm will be done to your valuables and belongings. Furthermore, slate roofing is so durable and resistant that almost no weather condition can harm it at all. Thus, it is the perfect choice for your house if you want to feel safe and comfortable in your dwelling.


A relatively new type of roofing, bamboo is increasingly popular outside Asia as well, and a lot of people appreciate its fine qualities. In Asia, bamboo has been used in construction for years after years with great success. Also, bamboo is not an actual wood but more like grass and this means that you have a few special advantages to reap in.

For example, bamboo is not prone to damages or flaws compared to wood. Bamboo will not decay and rot over time, and it is not susceptible to termites’ attacks as well. Also, when it is installed, bamboo roofing gives an authentic Asian feel to your house and more likely than not, you will be very satisfied with the end result.


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